Human Resources Processes Consulting

  • Analysis & optimization of HR and business processes
  • Development of HR policy guidelines
  • Personnel controlling & performance reviews
  • Reorganization of HR units and business units

Human Resources Programs

  • National and international personnel development programs
  • Management-Development actions
  • Job families and job specifications
  • Competence models
  • Personnel marketing concepts and programs
  • Target agreements and incentive systems
  • Variable salary components and provision allowances
  • Ranking procedures
  • Probation time and employee feedback interviews

Human Resources Diagnostics

  • Management-Audits
  • Individual and group assessments
  • Procedures for feedback (e.g. option survey, bottom up appraisal and 360 degree feedback)

Training & Coaching

  • Leadership & communication
  • Interviews and negotiations
  • Development of teams
  • Individual coaching